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rugged precision

Our Mission

Our Mission at Proudfoot Cycles is to reimagine the bicycle manufacturing process by leveraging aerospace-grade tools, technology, and testing to deliver a carefully considered product deliberately designed for uncompromised quality and performance on the trail or off the trail — rain, snow, or shine.

Our style is utilitarian. These bikes are built to last and to be ridden hard.

Our Philosophy

We ride hard and believe it's difficult to beat the comfort, durability, and engineering efficiency of a steel frame. From our experience in aerospace, we are confident in our performance driven design and weight-to-strength ratios. And hence we've developed geometry, using aerospace-grade engineering software, that inspires confidence on the descent but is still comfortable climbing. The ride quality of a Proudfoot Cycles bike is unrivaled and it's performance driven design inspires confidence for athletes and green riders alike.








Our light-weight steel frames are designed to take a beating. Their strength is in the quality of the U.S. steel used to build the bikes and the simplicity of the utilitarian design. Occam’s razor states that “the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex”. In other words, the simplest solution is often the most effective in solving a problem. We use high-strength, American-sourced steel tubes and personally handle all facets of the design and manufacturing process in-house at our production facility in Golden, Colorado. Proudfoot Cycles bikes are American made, built to last, and built to be ridden hard.




Meet Jon and Derek, the heart of our manufacturing team.

Hi, I'm Jon. Besides being a Colorado educated Mechanical Engineer with several years as an Aerospace engineer, you could say I’m hardwired to make things. I'm a direct descendant of the Wright Brothers and my Grandfather is an aerospace pioneer who started Custom Control Sensors (CCS) in the early 1950s. CCS, where I spent several years putting my mechanical engineering degree to go use, is still a major player in aerospace and industrial design and manufacturing today. The parts designed and manufactured by my Grandfather have been to the moon and back. They're still used on every major commercial and most major military aircraft worldwide. Engineering and manufacturing run through my veins and while my Grandfather’s passion was aerospace, mine is bikes. 

And so who is this Derek guy? Well, he is an integral part of our team. His expertise and deliberate, thoughtful care go into building each and every one of our frames.

Derek is an intuitive and innovative technician. Schooling and experience has taken him from an experimenter into becoming a forward-thinking, creative craftsman. He holds degrees and certifications in aviation maintenance, fabrication welding, and mechanical drafting. A Colorado native, Derek followed in a family heritage of military service. U.S. Air Force tours found him in South Korea, Italy and Iraq as an F-16 crew chief participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom. His love of technology has always been rooted in the exhilaration of two-wheel human powered locomotion. His fascination grew from constructing ill-planned jumps with neighborhood friends, to school and work commutes, to mountain biking adventures in Asia, then extraordinary road cycling tours in the French and Italian Alps. Back in his beloved Rocky Mountain home, he now puts his considerable skills and talents to work building exceptional bikes. He sees it as an opportunity and a privilege to be a part of the Proudfoot Cycles team. We're lucky to have him.