Proudfoot Cycles is owned and operated by myself, Jon, and my wife, Erin. We’ve recently relocated from Los Angeles, California, so we could raise our two adventure-seeking daughters in the outdoor environment of small town Golden, Colorado.

This venture is the perfect storm of our lives coming together. A family business, leveraging our past experiences, to make something we’re really passionate about for people we love being around.


Ever since I received my first set of wheels in the early 90’s for my 15th birthday, I’ve been grinding up and bombing down trails. Growing up in Orange County, California I found myself surrounded by a crowd of hard-core bikers riding terrain that few people knew possible. Most of the trails we pioneered in the Laguna Beach canyons still exist today and continue to challenge experienced riders on even the most advanced bikes available.

You could say I’m hardwired to make things. I'm a direct descendant of the Wright Brothers and my grandfather is an aerospace pioneer who started Custom Control Sensors (CCS) in the early 1950s. Engineering and manufacturing run through my veins. CCS is still a major player in aerospace and industrial design and manufacturing today. The parts designed and manufactured by my Grandfather have been to the moon and back. They're still used on every major commercial and most major military aircraft worldwide.