Proudfoot Cycles bikes are designed around a balance of climbing stability and downhill control. To be ridden efficiently to summit the highest pass and confidently bomb down to the base all day long. Our frames are built from American Made True Temper tubing and can be completely custom ordered to fit your body and riding style. 



When just getting to your destination is an accomplishment, this is the bike you want. Fun, all-weather, all-terrain, versatile performance is what the Adventure is all about. With the ability to run 26x5” tires for maximum traction and floatation to 29x3” tires for less weight and rolling resistance - or anything in-between. You can go anywhere and do anything.

  • All weather, terrain, season
  • Bottom Bracket width: 100mm 
  • Rear Hub spacing:  190 mm  
  • Tire size max: 26x5 or 29x3
  • Head Tube ID: 44 mm 
  • Chainstay Length:  450 mm


When your need for speed takes precedent. This bike is designed around an all mountain endurance race type and style. Comfort in the saddle and solid handling are the chief design goals. The frame is compatible with plus-sized tire options making it a great “mid” fatbike that can really rail.

  • Bottom Bracket width: 73 mm 
  • Rear Hub spacing:  140 mm  
  • Tire size max: 26x2.75 , 27.5x3.0 or 29x2.5
    (depending on customer preference)
  • Head Tube ID: 44 mm 
  • Chainstay Length:  415-450 mm

My style is utilitarian I believe function and performance are the most important traits of a bike. These bikes are built to last and to be ridden hard.

The only limiting factor is the skills of the rider.