Resolve Hardtail Mountain Bike (MTB_148)

Resolve Hardtail Mountain Bike (MTB_148)


This is the bike for when your need for speed takes precedent. It’s designed around an all mountain endurance race type and style. Comfort in the saddle and solid handling are the chief design goals of the Proudfoot Performance Bike. The frame is compatible with plus-sized tire options making it a great “mid” fatbike that can really rail. 

Keep scrolling down for our standard geometry chart, build packages, and color options. Don't see what you want here? Give us a shout and we'll make it happen!

Deposit to commission build: $500 (Balance due upon shipment.)

Frame: $1750

Complete Build Packages: 
Fun: $2995
Adventure: $4125
Performance: $4745
Race: $5995

HEADS UP! Some packages include options (ex: 27.5" or 29" wheels). You will be prompted to note which option you would like to include in your build during the checkout process. Give us a shout if you want our opinion!

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